On the occasion of Musical Seasons, theatrical seasons, Festival, important events, You can hear the performers in different formations according to the agreed Room program.

The concert program is established in the meeting with the promoters of the event and, on that occasion, will be provided by us photographic material, curriculum of artists, and the need for the promotion of the event itself.

The possibilities are countless formations. Here's an example: Violin and piano, Violin and guitar, string trio, String Quartet, String Quartet with guitar, Chamber orchestra. In the preview as the trio, the Quartet and chamber orchestra, You can insert lyric soprano soloists, mezzo soprano, tenor and bass.


The lecture gig is an idea that we are often requested and which we like very much for the contact that you create with the public: prerogative in fact is to interact with people who listen to us explaining the music program. For example: one of the most popular concerts for this formula is dedicated to Antonio Vivaldi's four seasons. The composer wrote these famous four concerts based on many illustrative sonnets. Each of these sonnets, in poetry, highlight the characteristics of each season: so in the spring you will listen the stringed instruments that imitate birdsong, the flow of the rivers after the meltdown, the short timeline; in the winter you can hear the beat of teeth for the cold, the winds at war, the rain that falls on the rooftops by the characteristic noise or people that slip to the ice. The solo violinist will read a verse of poetry and soon it will perform the musical part for that bed. At the end of sonnet concert will run from head to bottom so that the listener knows what he wanted to express the author with his music. AND’ a bit like watching a painting. This formula is adopted even with performing opera arias: in this case it will be the same singer that before performing the song explains the context of the scene referred to by air and of course about the work itself.

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