The band of "the concert" was founded in 1998 the brainchild of violinist Gianfranco Contadini. The intention was to bring together a group of professional musicians in a single staff capable of dealing with all the classical repertoire and to respond to every requirement of the request for the most diverse occasions.

And so, from 1998, the performers we find them in prestigious classical music concerts in different configurations: the duo, the trio, the String Quartet, the Chamber orchestra.

Not only: the professionalism of musicians is often frame of weddings and receptions, Here, too, with different configurations (from the solo String Quartet with or without voice lyrics) chosen by bride and groom based on repertoire that, at the meeting preceding the wedding date, is carefully defined by the preference of prospective brides and grooms combined with the experience of musicians.

We find the performers in theaters such as the Shrine of music in Rome, The S. Carlo of Naples, the Morlacchi and the Sala dei Notari, Perugia, the municipality of Cortona, …., and in prestigious halls as the oratory's. Bass in Venice, Gattai Palace in Florence, The Quirinale in Rome to the President of the Republic, Sala Pio X° to the Vatican in the presence of his Holiness Pope Benedict XVI (concert of 4 may 2012 on the occasion of the World Conference Catholic Health), etc ....

The performers have won for five years the international contest of musical interpretation of Norcia. Have the active IR Records recordings of the four seasons by Vivaldi, the sonatas for violin and piano by Mozart and the sonatas for violin and guitar by Paganini. They have developed projects of music education for elementary schools in order to bring young people to classical music and, in particular, to guide them to listen. Dedicated also to the individual teaching of classical instruments and singing.